Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming
Swimming Training 1/9/14

Monday morning training is usually not too bad! Felt pretty good today!

Ended: 8:30

Warm up:
400 free
400 back
3x100 cont. IM

Kick Set:
4x(5x25) as - back kick moderate on 45s
-Back kick fast on 40s
-Free kick fast 35s
-Free kick max 30s

Back Tech( fins on)

2x 50 back kick
2x 50 6kick switch
2x50 pull
2x 50 single arm pull, non working arm held at 45 degrees to water

repeat without fins
Fins on 60s
Without fins 1:10

Alactlic* sprint set:
6x25 back swim MAX at half way for 2-5 secs
On 60s

Swim down
6x150 continuous

Total session time: 1hr 30mins

*Alactlic sets are designed to not build up lactic acid but to help improve twitch muscles and reflex.

What is your swimming goal(s)??

I’m hoping that this year I will be able to get at least one SNAGs time! (Scottish national age groups) that’s really my main goal for this year but I’m hoping to get my 100 free under a minute this year too…

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How much do you train a week?

6 times :)

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The freshest figs you’ve ever seen!


High up in the Sierra de Las Nieves

Swimming Training 31/8/14

Warm up 15secs RPI
400 MI order as 50 sw 50 drill
200 IM kick
200 free 25 moderate 25 max

Main set:
15 x (100 free on 1:25
( 50 free recovery on 60 sec

15 x (50 free on 40 sec
( 25 free recovery 30 sec

Kick set (with fins) on 2:15
16x (4x fly kick
(4x back kick
(4x free kick
*fins off*
(4x breast kick

Swim down
800 as 200 free
200 IM
200 back
200 free

Session time: 2hrs 15mins


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